IDF/ISO Analytical Week 2022 will take place at Bodenseeforum in Konstanz, Germany.

The venue at the shore of Seerhein Constance with light-flooded architecture and marvellous surroundings Having Lake Constance right on your doorstep gives you the opportunity to enjoy the view of the Swiss Alps. The historic old town of Constance is also only a few walking minutes away.

Arrival by bus & train

Constance main railway station is only 2.2 km away from Bodenseeforum.

Arriving by car

Parking space with 450 paid parking lots is available near the venue at Bodenseeforum.

Arriving by plane or train

You can travel either by plane via Zurich Airport (Switzerland) or by train via main station in Constance. Other international airports nearby are Munich, Friedrichshafen Airport, and Stuttgart.


Reichenaustraße 21, 78467 Konstanz


Rooms have been reserved for participants of the IDF/ISO Analytical Week in the following hotels in Constance (arrival 25/26 April 2022, departure 28 April 2022). 

You can book rooms until the respective deadline. Costs for the overnight stay are to be borne by the participants. Please note payment and cancellation modalities of your accommodation.

Hotel Address and contact Room rate Arrival Reserved until
ABC Hotel ABC Hotel
Steinstraße 19, 78467 Konstanz
Tel: +49 7531 8900
99 € single
139 € double
4-26-2022 4-4-2022
(Free cancellation until 4-4-2022)
Harbr.Hotel HARBR. Hotel Konstanz
Hans-Sauerbruch-Straße 2, 78467 Konstanz
Tel: +49 7531 9424610
119 € single
149 € double
4-26-2022 2-28-2022
(Free cancellation until 2-28-2022)
Hotel 47° HOTEL 47°
Reichenaustr. 17, 78467 Konstanz
Tel: +49 7531 12749-0
132 € single
162 € double
4-25-2022 until 3-7-2022
B&B Hotel Konstanz B&B Hotel Konstanz
Line-Eid-Straße 2 78467 Konstanz
Tel: +49 7531 36440
74 € single
8,50 € Breakfast
until 3-18-2022

Business travellers (which also includes conference participants) working in Constance do not generally have to pay the visitor's tax for overnight stays in Constance.

For guests who stay longer than one night in Constance, it might be worth paying the visitor's tax of 2.20 euros per day in some cases: Together with the registration form, you will receive the Lake Constance guest pass, which includes a voucher for free use of the city buses.