Founded in 1982, BENTLEY INSTRUMENTS develops and distributes high performance innovative analytical and automation solutions for the Central Milk Testing Payment/DHIA laboratories and the Dairy plants.

BENTLEY INSTRUMENTS has a strong international presence in over 60 countries and is present throughout Europe directly or through its network of authorized distributors. Our instruments are used worldwide for the continuous monitoring and improvement of milk safety and value throughout the dairy chain.

Our mission and understanding of the customer-supplier relationship have remained the same throughout the evolution of the dairy sector:

  • Development of innovative, scalable, high-performance, reliable and long-lasting analytical solutions for the dairy industry,
  • Excellent technical support with a high level of commitment from our teams to guarantee operational conditions daily,
  • Establishment of a daily partnership to assist the laboratories in the development of their activity.

BENTLEY INSTRUMENTS analytical solutions are designed and developed to set the standard for reliability, accuracy, and ease of use for the dairy industry for the chemical and hygienic analysis of milk and dairy products.

As far back as 1991, BENTLEY INSTRUMENTS pioneered the use of flow cytometry for the analysis of the hygienic quality of raw milk with the BactoCount and Somacount bacteria and somatic cells counters. This technology has now become an international standard used by the majority of the milk testing laboratories.

  • The BactoCount IBC was the first instrument to be certified ISO 16140 as an alternative method to the ISO 4833 reference method for enumeration of total flora in raw milk.
  • The BactoCount IBCM was the first integrated and ISO 16140 certified bacteria and somatic cell counter specifically developed for the real-time monitoring of the hygienic quality of raw milk in the dairy plants before unloading and processing.

BENTLEY INSTRUMENTS can also provide laboratory automation solutions to streamline and standardize the analytical chain to optimize the samples management and the valorization of each sample. The objective of this holistic approach is to anticipate and respond efficiently to the needs of laboratories by providing a global offer for an optimal qualitative and economic valorization of the manufacturing processes and herds management.

Through our innovations, we have gained a strong recognition and presence on the specialized market of milk and dairy products analysis. Today we export more than 70% of our analyzers, with a constant increase of market share.